Monday, 7 May 2012

One Hell of a Butler

Rachi-hime to boku to Lann-san

So, I'm back~! XDD
my second post and my first time to cosplay in public event!

Cosplaying as: Kiyoteru Hiyama (Butler ver.)
Serving: Rachi-hime

so yeah, I get to know so many people, and I like it~!
and I got a new mistress to serve in the whole event.
so yeah, we got a bit problem here and there, but it can't stop us from having fun!

owh, and since it's two days event, I sleep at Lann's house with Rachi-hime, and Asuka-kun.
and we wear our cospyume from home, and we take the bus to the venue. XDD

owh, and since oujou-sama hurt her leg, I ends up carrying her from toilet to changing room.

btw, I'm an official cosplay the series cast now. XD

here's some photo
from the event.

Me (as Kiyoteru) and Oujou-sama (as Maria)
Lann-san is forcing me to marry someone. XD
Me, Taiyaki, and Uke-kun
Lann-san, kill me please~!
Miku, Kaito, Meiko, and Kiyoteru
Kiyo and Miku. XDDD
My face looks perverted. XDD
Touch my Princess and you'll get a free decapitation.

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